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Digital cameras and photos

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How to choose the right digital camera?

The best digital camera isn´t the best for everyone. Your choice of digital camera depends on your needs and of course of your purse. We can take myself and my family as an example.

A professional stock photographer

I am myself a professional stock photographer. This means that I need to have equipment that allows me to take pictures of the highest professional quality for reproductions in publications and advertisements. It also means that I need to have a digital camera that will be very dependable. I cannot afford to stand in a situation when everything is right for the right shot, but my digital camera isn´t functioning.

At the same time I also have to calculate my costs related to my potential income. In principle I go for the best and most durable digital camera. But at the same time I realize that I will have to renew my digital camera every year or so. This is needed because the development of digital cameras is still in a steep curve with new basic innovations and improvements nearly every year.

The innovations of improvements of professional digital cameras are mainly related to the following aspects:

At the moment the best digital single lens reflex cameras from the leading camera manufactures Canon and Nikon are still too expensive for my annual renewal and - what is very important for my way of working - they are also too bulky. My choice at the moment is accordingly Canon EOS D10. But it could equally well have been similar level digital cameras from Nikon, Olympus or Fuji. A basic requirement for my digital camera is that it can provide me with professional photos of at least 6 (5) mega pixels and in the so-called raw quality that means that I can easily convert them to tiff files without any loss of quality. My picture agencies require submissions of photos in tiff file format.

Before, I used Sony DSC-F707 first (you can see some of these pictures here at the picture agency Alamy All pictures of the size 14 MB is taken with this camera.). Then I used Canon EOS D60. In most cases it is very difficult to see any difference in a published photo produced by any of these cameras.

I am now looking forward to the next generation of a suitable digital Canon EOS model.

For photographers who use cameras with exchangeable lenses we will have a high level of brand affiliation, because a large part of our investment isn´t going into the cameras but into our arsenal of lenses and other additional equipment, like flash systems and macro equipment. For photographers like me who have a special passion for nature and wildlife photography the requirements of lenses and additional photo equipment is a never ending story.

Digital cameras for a profession outside the photographer business

My wife is a plastic surgeon with her own plastic surgery clinic. Her clinic functions like a very small hospital with 4 beds. As part of her plastic surgery she is offering cosmetic surgery. Breast surgery is her speciality, also from a research point of view. In all cases it is important for her to document the patients situation before they are treated as well as after the operation. A photographic documentation is important for a number of reasons:

For the documentation of her surgery she has been using digital cameras for the last year. She has other requirements to her digital camera than me. First of all she needs a digital camera that is quick, easy and dependable in daily use. It is important that it is very good in focusing and that the macro function is good, too. The build in flash function is also a crucial feature.

She has been using a Canon Ixus model with reasonable satisfaction. It is at the same time a small camera that signals quality. Quality is an important aspect of a private surgeon. The Ixus digital camera provides around 3 mega pixels which is more than enough for her paper prints. And the Ixus has lived up to the mentioned technical specifications quite well.

There is a lot of good digital cameras that could suit the needs of my wife and of people in similar professions or with similar needs in other professions. The pitfall of many of us males in a similar situation would probable be that we would tend to chose digital cameras with too many functions :-) . This might give us a slower speed of operation (sick!) than what my wife is able to run.

Real estate dealers and other professions with a more varied need of taking pictures might not pay so much attention to the macro function, but more to the lens, especially if the zoom range will be wide angled enough, if the flash can light up bigger rooms, and if the lens can avoid to show straight lines curved at the most wide zoom setting.

Digital cameras for common family photos

My 4 grown up children are all using digital cameras for photos of family events, travel photography and to document their daily life together with their spouses and family. In most cases 3 Mega Pixels are more than enough to support fully photographic looking normal prints on paper, and they can even be enlarged to A4 size.

If really large prints are needed it is possible to make an up-scaling of the picture file by using software like Lizard Tech´s plug-in to Photoshop Genue Fractiles.

Digital camera reviews

The best reviews of digital cameras are the reviews of professional digital cameras of Editor Phil Askey,
Digital Photography Review at . Most digital cameras are listed with their specifications and price level.

For reviews of many smaller digital cameras visit Jeff Keller Digital Camera Resource Page at

Digital cameras - benefits and draw-backs?

To be developed.

Digital photography - benefits and draw-backs?

To be developed.


How to make the best use of digital photos?

This chapter will come later.


Good luck with your digital cameras and photos!

Soren Breiting

Editor of Stock Photo news. & Stock photographer at A-Z Fotos



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